Is Your Company / Organization Tax Exempt?

Contact us first!  

Accounts established on this online store are different than those you may have used to place orders with us previously.  We need to do some linking in advance of you placing your first order online to ensure the exemption occurs.

Phone:  (800) 228-4373

We will verify two things:

  • If your tax exemption certificate is on file
  • Your contact information

After we have verified the above, follow these steps:
1)  You must "Create An Account" on this online store!  The link is located in the upper right corner of our main page:


2)  Once you have logged in to your account, add the items you wish to purchase and proceed to Checkout.
3)  During the checkout process and even after you place your order, sales tax will be displayed.  The actual exemption occurs when the order reaches our separate, in-house system.  We can provide a receipt showing the exempted amount after order placement.

For future orders, please ensure you are logged in to your account.  The tax exemption will not occur if you are not logged in!

To Log In, use the link in the upper right corner of our main page (Sign In):

Important Note:  The email address you used when establishing your account is critical to the success of linking the exemption!  If your email address changes please contact us.  If someone else at your company/organization wants to place an order, they must follow the steps detailed at the top of this page.