CP Column Packing System

CP Class Pack-in-a-Box HPLC Pump

Constant Pressure Column Packing System

The Next Generation Column Packing System is perfect for quickly and safely packing efficient, reproducible columns. With pressures up to 10,000psi or 18,000psi (depending on version ordered), the user can expect increased plate counts by up to 20%, higher yields, and the ability to pack ultra-small particles with consistent bed density.

For continuous and repeatable high throughput applications where purchasing new columns can quickly become expensive, users can easily pack their own columns to rapidly see a return on their investment. This system can also be used for new column research and development, and comes with an intuitive column packing reservoir, column hardware, stationary phase, and all necessary inlet and outlet tubing (solvents and computer not included).

Quick-Set column packing computer software is included, giving full control of the packing process, including the ability to create and save methods, set the desired packing pressure (pump flow rate automatically adjusts to maintain pressure), vary the PID loop variables, and set the upper pressure limit to avoid over pressuring the column, preventing potential damage to the packing particles. This system gives complete control over the packing process, producing professionally packed columns time and time again.